National Problem Gambling Awareness Month is a nationwide effort to help people understand more about gambling addiction and how to get help.

Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance expands its ongoing communications efforts on this topic through additional media coverage, advertising and outreach events. Our goal is to help Minnesotans understand that gambling has risks, and that while most people can gamble responsibly, a small percentage encounter difficulties, such as gambling too often, spending too much, losing their ability to stop gambling, or ending up in a situation where gambling becomes their sole means of entertainment. We invite you to explore our website to expand your knowledge of gambling addiction and learn what to do if you feel that you or someone you know may need help.

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It’s important to know that many people have recovered from a gambling addiction. Here are stories of individuals who have overcome their gambling problems.

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Study of Problem Gambling in MN’s Laotian Community

Though there was already a sense that gambling addiction is an issue in Minnesota’s Lao community, new research sponsored by Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance (NPGA) has discovered that findings from a community sample suggest elevated problem gambling behaviors.

“Positive Play” Messaging Emerges as Effective Approach in Gambling Education and Helplines

Traditionally, the approach to educating people about problem gambling has been a punitive one — i.e., if you don’t play responsibly you will experience problems. But new insights into the gambling education process, including those shared at the annual New Horizons Conference on Responsible Gambling, suggest a...

Minnesota Mulls Bills to Legalize Sports Betting

Two bills to legalize sports betting in Minnesota were introduced this year. The status and nature of each bill is detailed below. It doesn’t appear that Minnesota will pass either of these bills this session. Bill: SF1984 Description: The bill would establish a framework for betting through a sports pool and for...

Northstar Finalizes Strategic Plan

Northstar’s new strategic plan was approved by the board of directors in April. The final plan details six major organizational goals and 19 key strategies. The full strategic plan can be viewed here. Goals The goals identified in the process look out 10-15 years and will require strong partnerships to achieve....

Free Online Tool Blocks Access To Gambling Sites For Those In Recovery

Individuals recovering from a gambling addiction now have an option should they decide to restrict themselves from participating in online gambling., is a free online tool that users can install to stop themselves from accessing gambling sites. The tool is available for both desktop and mobile...

2019 Problem Gambling Awareness Month in Review

Northstar once again actively participated in this year’s national Problem Gambling Awareness Month activities in March. Northstar’s efforts focused primarily on social media, and included a campaign that targeted treatment providers, the general public and frequent casino visitors. Communication to Treatment...

Groundbreaking NGAGE Survey on Gambling Sheds Light on Behaviors and Attitudes

Gambling Behavior of Minnesotans Similar to the Nation At Large In March, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) released initial findings from the first comprehensive survey of gambling attitudes and behaviors. Northern Light talked with Don Feeney, Northstar board president and lead researcher for NCPG on...

Northstar to Participate in “Future of Gaming” Conference

Northstar executive director Susan Sheridan Tucker will be one of 35 speakers participating in the summer meeting of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS). The meeting will focus on critical issues that elected officials throughout the United States will grapple with, ranging from sports...