Gambling Disorder Screening
      Tool Kit


What is Gambling Disorder?
One-page article describing Gambling Disorder from a mental health perspective.

Why Screen for Gambling?
Evidence-based information about the importance of screening for Gambling Disorder.

About the Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen
Provides an overview of the BBGS, as well as information about scoring and psychometric properties.

The Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen
Our recommended brief screen for Gambling Disorder (a one-page, “printer friendly” screener)

GDSD 2019 Flyer Template
Printable Screening Day flyer to help hosts spread the word.

Gambling Resources & Referrals
Additional problem gambling information and tools for self-help and referrals.

Your First Step to Change, 2nd Edition
A self-help toolkit of resources to help start the journey toward recovery from problem gambling behavior.

Host Data Reporting Form
An optional form provided to report your Screening Day outcomes back to the Division on Addiction.

BBGS e-Screener

An electronic version of our Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (only users see their results)

March is Problem Gambling Month