Treatment Works

The good news about gambling addiction is that treatment is effective, and recovery is real and attainable. Minnesotans who have struggled with problem gambling have found hope, and ultimately success.



Here are a few such success stories.

Veteran Chases Adrenalin Rush Of Combat
Like many other veterans, William faced the challenge of trying to match the adrenalin rush that combat provided after his military deployment was over. The closest thing he could find was gambling, but that got out of hand. Read more

Supportive Family Inspires Gambler to Address Addiction
David had every intention of ending his life when his arrest for stealing from his employer revealed the depth of his gambling addiction. But thanks to a supportive family and counseling for both David and his family, he is thriving in recovery. Read more

A Gambling Recovery Not Predicated On Willpower
Ann always thought getting over a gambling addiction was a matter of willpower. But counseling taught her otherwise. Once she realized it was a choice, things changed for the better. Read more

Both Recovering Gamblers, Husband and Wife Conquer Addiction
Charlie and Kathy are both recovering gamblers. They are also husband and wife. The unique circumstances of their meeting — in gambling treatment — has helped them with both their recovery and their marriage. Read more

From Black Jack to Slots, a Story of Addiction and Recovery
When you consider that Christine was exposed to gambling at age nine, had a father that was a bookie, and won a $15,000 jackpot from a $20 slot play that was foretold in a dream she had the night before, you begin to understand how Christine developed a gambling addiction. Read more

Ready to Explode From Within, Gambler Seeks Help
Denny vividly remembers the voice inside his head: “When is this going to stop?” He was ready to explode from the guilt and dishonesty welling up inside. Then he found help. Read more

Spouse of Sports-Loving Gambling Endures Long, Challenging Road
What does it feel like to endure the destruction brought about by a spouse’s gambling addiction? Dianne details the trials and tribulations of being married to a sports-loving gambler whose cycle of lies and deceit continued for eight years. Read more

Kid Gambler Becomes Addiction Advocate
Fred was a child phenom, establishing a reputation as a kid who could play poker at a high level. He dreamed of becoming a World Series of Poker champion. But along the way, he developed addictions to both drinking and gambling, eventually “ping-ponging” from one back to the other. Now well into his recovery, Fred is still passionate about addiction, but it’s part of a chosen career to help others. Read more

Relapse is Often Part of Gambling Recovery
Jack learned the hard way that relapse is often a part of recovery. And he also learned that with each relapse, the crash and burn happened more quickly. Read more

Struggling with Dual Addictions, Woman Finds Life-Changing Help
Like many gambling addicts, Jane was on the brink of committing suicide. Her dual addictions, gambling and alcohol, left her feeling that she’d had enough of life. But a call to an old counselor changed her life. Read more

Son of Problem Gambler Watches Addiction Ravage Family
Jim grew up in middle-class, small town Minnesota. But his father was a big gambler and drinker, addictions that would ultimately lead to a family intervention that changed Jim’s life—and his understanding of addiction. Read more

Embezzling CEO Thrives on Second Chance After Gambling Disclosure
Mary, a president and CEO, stole money from her company to support her gambling. Later, when it was time to come clean, she addressed the company’s board of directors, the very people she lied to. To her surprise, they gave her a second chance. She has not disappointed them. Read more

Spouse of Gambling Addict Takes Care of Herself First
Rachel’s trust in her husband was so destroyed by his lies about his gambling that she was afraid to take weekend getaways with her girlfriends. She ultimately got a divorce, realizing that that was no way to live. She still loves him, even as he continues to decline the help he so desperately needs. Read more

Overcome By Addiction, Gambler Realized Help Was Within Reach
To many, Randy seemed like the ideal husband, father, neighbor and coworker. But inside he was a little insecure boy who was unfulfilled, aimless and escaping from life. Eventually, he found his way, grasping on to the “recovery lines” that he realizes were actually everywhere. Read more

Auto Accident Provides Turning Point for Longtime Gambling Addict
Each person who embarks on a recovery from gambling addiction has a different turning point. For Sally, it was a car accident that could have resulted in death or paralysis. She began to live a different life the next day. Read more

Eighteen Birthday Celebration Sparks a Gambling Obsession
Like so many of his friends, Eddie celebrated the evening of his eighteenth birthday by going to the casino. As he placed his first bet on the table, he experienced a thrill he’d never felt before. He stayed until sunrise and returned several times each week, sometimes skipping sleep. He was hooked and it began to destroy his life. Read more

Help for anyone suffering from gambling addiction is just one call away. Call the Minnesota Problem Gambling Helpline at (800) 333-HOPE. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Northstar Alliance Recognizes Problem Gambling Awareness Month

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact:Susan Sheridan Tucker – Executive Director1935 West County Road B-2Roseville, MN 55113612-424-8595 Office612-321-1589 Roseville, MN (March 1, 2019) - For the 15th year, Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance will...

Attorneys at Increased Risk for Gambling Addiction

At first blush, the idea that a lawyer could develop a gambling problem might seem far-fetched. After all, the highly esteemed, socially acceptable profession is associated with high achievement and prestige. Yet, upon closer examination, there are a number of unique characteristics about attorneys and their work...

New Online Treatment Program Offers Help For Hard-To-Reach Problem Gamblers

Historically, there are many reasons why problem gamblers don’t always get the help they need. Some of these challenges include access to counselors, dealing with the burden of stigma and shame, concerns about privacy, and uncertainty about whether a problem really exists. But thanks to a new online treatment...

Financial Counseling and Education Critical to Recovery

After finishing the first stages of treatment for gambling addiction, a problem gambler may have a better understanding of the disease, the circumstances that trigger undesirable gambling behavior, and the importance of taking things one day at a time. But because money is essentially the drug of choice for a...

Celebrating the Past, Anticipating the Future

Northstar’s transition from former executive director Cathie Perrault to new executive director Susan Sheridan Tucker provides a good opportunity to look back on what’s been accomplished over the last decade—and to look forward to what can be achieved in the future. Looking Back Cathie served as Northstar’s executive...

Northstar to Create New Strategic Plan

With an eye toward strengthening the alliance that forms the organization’s foundation, Northstar is working to engage in a new strategic planning process that will be underway later this fall. “I think this is a good time to revisit what we’re all about and to create focused goals that we can all agree on as we move...

The Role of Meditation and Mindfulness in Gambling Recovery

As most gambling counselors and therapists will attest, there’s no single treatment that works across the board for all clients. However, meditation and other mindfulness-based therapies, which have increased in popularity, are showing promise in helping people cope with a range of mental health conditions, including...

Charitable Gambling Venues Debut Sports-Themed Tip Boards

Sports-themed tip boards, gambling games that are tied to the scores and outcomes of professional sports, are now available in Minnesota through licensed charities. Use of these games was approved by Minnesota’s Gambling Control Board in July following the Supreme Court’s ruling in May that effectively legalized...