Gambling Treatment

Below are gambling treatment providers that are members of the Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance. This list is provided as a service to our readers and should not be taken as an endorsement of provider quality.

  • Treatment Providers

    • Project Turnabout Vanguard – Granite Falls, MN

      Project Turnabout’s Vanguard Center for Compulsive Gambling is a nationally recognized residential treatment program for men and women 18 years of age and older who are experiencing problems due to compulsive gambling. The Vanguard Program’s treatment is based on the 12-Steps, and incorporates a multidisciplinary team, including licensed counselors, nurses, and psychological and spiritual staff. […]

    • Gambler’s Choice – Fargo, ND and Grand Forks, ND

      Gambler’s Choice is an outpatient treatment program based in Fargo, ND, with more limited services in Grand Forks, ND. Services are provided to adults who are struggling with gambling addictions as well as their family members. Nationally certified gambling counselors offer the treatment along with peer mentors who have been successful graduates of the program. Several […]

    • Paula J. Detjen – Burnsville, MN and Northfield, MN

      Detjen Counseling is a provider of problem gambling services in and around the Northfield, Minnesota area and southern Twin Cities. Paula J. Detjen MA, LMFT, LPC, MNTPG, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who does adolescent and family counseling. Paula works with both individual problem gamblers and affected family members. View Larger Map View […]

    • Sound Mind – Therapy and Consultation

      Pat Pardun, MS, is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC) and state-certified Minnesota gambling treatment provider located in Stillwater, Minnesota — serving the St. Croix Valley area. Pat offers counseling, support and referral services to individual problem gamblers and affected family members. In addition to problem gambling services, […]

    • Fairview Compulsive Gambling Program

      Fairview’s Compulsive Gambling Program includes two phases of primary treatment. Phase I lasts for 24 sessions and Phase II lasts for 20 sessions. The team of qualified professionals includes primary and family counselors specially trained to help understand and overcome the urge to gamble. View Larger Map Compulsive Gambling Program University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview West […]

    • State Gambling Providers – A Complete List

      The state of Minnesota has an approved list of licensed and qualified gambling treatment providers in addition to those featured above. A list of all Minnesota gambling treatment providers can be found on the state’s problem gambling website here.

    • Provider Profile: Progressive Individual Resources, Inc.

      Raising awareness about the issue of problem gambling and getting treatment to those in need is a significant challenge. However, it’s particularly difficult when trying to reach immigrant communities whose cultures and circumstances are different than those for most other Minnesotans. In an effort to develop culturally specific services for gambling treatment, the Minnesota Department […]

    • Venthouse Counseling

      If you are ready to improve your life, then I am the one to lead you there. Having years of experience as both a client and a clinician, I am very familiar with the process of change and I am well equipped to make it happen. I’ve helped guide people through issues of simple depression […]

    • State Opens RFP for Problem Gambling Treatment Providers

      Are you interested in becoming a Minnesota certified problem gambling treatment provider? If so, the deadline to apply is Feb. 28, 2019. For more information, click here. Providers who are not familiar with the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ RFP process should attend the bidder’s conference to gain a better understanding of the contract process. […]

Click here for a complete list of state-qualified gambling counseling providers.