Remember Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance for Give to the Max.

Effective November 1st donors may schedule their gifts through to count toward Give to the Max Day. Scheduled gifts will be transacted in real-time at the time the gift is made by the donor.



The Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance appreciates all donations of any amount. Whether you’re giving on behalf of someone who has suffered from gambling addiction or as a pay-it-forward contribution for others with compulsive gambling challenges, know that your donation is put to good to use. Other ways to financially support Northstar include becoming a member or sponsor. To make a donation, click here.

Get Involved

Ultimately, great strides in public health issues take place when individuals get involved at the grass roots level. Your involvement with Northstar – in any capacity – helps us further our mission.

We invite you to join Northstar in whatever way you can. You can become a member, contribute your efforts as a volunteer or make a financial donation. If you have questions about how you can become involved with Northstar, please contact us or call (612) 424-8595.